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Z Konzept – Magnesium + B6 Shots – Orange (20 Units)


We have opted for the liquid form for this important product, which guarantees a quick and immediate effect. We also use high-quality magnesium citrate to achieve high bioavailability, so it is easier and faster to be implemented by the body.


Magnesium is an absolutely essential mineral, especially for active people with a healthy lifestyle. This can also be seen from EFSA’s authorising statements: magnesium contributes to the reduction of exhaustion and fatigue, electrolyte balance, normal energy metabolism, normal nervous system function, normal muscle function, normal muscle function, normal protein synthesis, normal mental function and the maintenance of normal bones and teeth.

260 mg pure magnesium is more than 2/3 of the daily intake recommendation. We have also added 1.4 mg of vitamin B6 per serving, which should additionally support the reduction of fatigue and exhaustion of magnesium. For a natural and fresh taste, our Magnesium+B6 Shots contain real orange juice concentrate.